Recorded lessons

Kloud-12 is the best way to give educators the means to evaluate and improve their teaching performance.

No more missed class

Students and parents can access class lessons anytime by signing in to their school account.

Reach all students

Kloud-12 lets teachers share selected lessons with students to watch anytime. From illness, ISS or review, on-demand class recordings keep students on track.

Parents are engaged too

A welcome helping hand for parents with students who need assistance, Kloud-12 ensures parents, students, tutors and teachers are all on the same page.

Self Evaluation

New ways to see.

Seeing what students see and what they hear gives an eye-opening perspective. Teachers want to do their best for their students and watching themselves on video provides a new opportunity for self-reflection on their journey to becoming a better teacher.

Performance Evaluations

Equal vantage

Like it or not, everyone behaves differently when a visitor is in the classroom. With Kloud-12 classroom recording, evaluators get a realistic view of actual events in a classroom. Video observation drives performance evaluations to a new level of communication and effectiveness.

Kloud-12 Classroom Video Technology

Infinite uses

With a 360 degree camera view and dynamic quality audio, Kloud-12 video technology creates infinite advantages for educators, students and administrators.

Kloud-12 software is so simple and so easy-to-use that it becomes automatic and invisible to the teacher.

Combined with high-definition video and precision audio,  daily classroom recording becomes a virtual mirror inspiring academic engagement and growth for everyone.

The reflection that I did myself, when I videoed, offered me more opportunity for growth than anything an outsider could do for me.

Student Teacher

My virtual coach said, ‘You could try this, I noticed this, and this worked for me,’ and then I didn’t have to go into another teacher’s classroom hoping that I might see the answer to my problem—I had a specific behavior or task that I could change immediately.

Middle School Teacher

The most effective evaluation we get is from someone who teaches our subject; only a peer is going to give that.

Elementary School Teacher

Powerful. Simple. Software.

Video in the classroom made easy.

Easy to use features