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Our story takes us back to 2016, when the vision for a camera in every classroom took flight. Our team was formed when Daniel Dooley, son of Hall of Fame Georgia college coach, Vince Dooley, realized that the need for video in the classroom was critical to change outcomes in the education space.

He had personally witnessed these changes in the many years of seeing athletes reach new heights through shared game videos, video coaching and review. Daniel felt schools needed to reap the rewards of video reflection with their own talented educators.

Today, Kloud-12 is comprised of a team of educators and education technology veterans who have dedicated themselves to advancing the best innovations in classroom video.

With thousands of classrooms and over a million recorded classroom videos created on the Kloud-12 platform, we recently unveiled the latest generation of our solution. With all new enhancements such as Kloud-12 Live, Mobile Assistant, and Safe360, Kloud-12 has fully evolved to propel Daniel’s vision of a camera in every classroom to schools across the country.

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Based in vibrant Atlanta, we are a leading provider of video technology solutions for education. Our vision is simple – we believe that one day there will be a camera in every classroom. The effective use of video in the classroom empowers teachers and instructional coaches to reach new heights. We know that inspired teaching results in thriving students and a brighter future.

Our team is comprised of educators and veteran education technology leaders. Our exclusive software and hardware solution is designed specifically for schools of all sizes, and is packed with the most in-demand features in education. Our solution is incredibly easy to use and never gets in the way of instruction and learning.

We are affecting amazing outcomes for all our valued educators, students, parents and administrators. We are always looking for new team members, reseller partners, and investors who share our passion.

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