The MoreVoice Solution.

MoreVoice elevates classroom audio to a new level, by offering studio-quality sound from all components. Unlike older classroom audio systems, the MoreVoice Microphone, Amplifier, and Speakers are all designed to provide immersive sound up to an amazing 20 kHz. Advancements in technology provide USB digital PC audio connection for easy video meetings, automatic privacy when exiting the room, and ultra-resistance to any interference. MoreVoice is a standalone system, or perfect companion for classroom cameras like the Kloud-12 MoreView, bringing the latest audio innovations together for today’s classrooms.

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Finally, classroom audio for both in-class and online.

MoreVoice revolutionizes wireless classroom audio with amazing sound to 20kHz from all components and direct digital USB connectivity with PCs for use with popular video meeting apps.

Hear it all in studio quality with MoreVoice.

Shouldn’t your listeners hear studio quality sound across the whole hearing range? MoreVoice delivers up to 20kHz from all components, not just some.

A mini mic so light & small it will surprise you.

The MoreVoice mini microphone delivers amazing audio fidelity in one of the smallest designs in the world. The best wireless mic for all day wear has to feel like it’s not even there – MoreVoice does that while delivering stunning, studio quality performance.

Mic Sizing Comparison

Quick & easy magnetic attachment.

Taking your microphone on and off is extremely quick and easy. The dual magnetic design brings unrivaled convenience. Wear your mic on a micro-lapel clip or lanyard. These options are standard with MoreVoice and the choice is always yours!

MoreVoice Solution Components.

Perfectly made for each other.

With patented technology, the matched and optimized MoreVoice microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers are all manufactured to guarantee amazing sound from the voice to your listener’s ears.

MoreVoice Components Group 2
MoreVoice Wireless Handheld Mic
MoreVoice Amplifier Front and Back
More Voice Receiver

Digital Infrared Explained.

We use patented digital light technology to perfect audio transmission.

The MoreVoice system uses dirATC or digital infrared transmission technology. This patented technology converts analog audio into a digital signal that is transmitted on light waves. All of this means we are able to produce an audio transmission that delivers virtually interference-free, full dynamic sound that captures the natural voice and music as it was intended.

The next evolution of sound reinforcement.

MoreVoice brings cutting edge audio technology to rooms everywhere.

Increase teacher effectiveness with world class audio.

Classroom audio technology has a positive impact on student learning.