kloud-12 demo

Kloud-12 has been used by educators to create over a million classroom videos. 

In this unique one-on-one demonstration you’ll learn how classroom video, automated by Kloud-12, is having a transformative effect on teaching and learning. With Kloud-12 schools benefit from:

  • Live streaming and recording lessons simultaneously – Making it easier for teachers to deliver instruction in hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous learning models.
  • Professional learning – Self-reflection, coaching, and peer-to-peer mentorship is transformed through the use of 360° video. Kloud-12 administrator feedback has shown “worst to first” teacher growth is possible with classroom video reflection.
  • Classroom Safety – According to customer data Kloud-12 reduces reportable behavior incidents by as much as 40 to 70%.
  • Staff retention – A safe environment with meaningful professional development helps retain good teachers.

Kloud-12 is an enterprise-level solution with long-term benefits in safety, professional development, and learning.

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