classroom recording software

Powerful. Simple. Solution.

So much to love, so easy to use.

Kloud-12 gives teachers using any web browser control to livestream, record, view and share their lessons from one easy-to-use browser app.

No more missed class.

Live or recorded. On-demand learning when and where you need it.

Access to instruction.

Kloud-12 supports instruction through livestream classroom lessons or pre-recorded video lessons for students to watch anywhere, anytime. On-demand class recordings keep students on track.

Inclusive for all learners.

Video libraries allow for asynchronous learning; a welcome helping hand for parents with students who need assistance. On-demand lessons allow students to work at their own pace. Pause, practice, and rewind as needed.

No setup required.

It’s nearly invisible and totally silent.

The Kloud-12 solution allows educators to focus on their lesson and students, not difficult setup with lots of adjustments. Once installed, there are no cables, no extra microphones, no plugging and unplugging. It’s always there, always ready.

Observe classrooms naturally.

Like it or not, everyone behaves differently when a visitor is in the classroom. Kloud-12 provides a realistic view of actual events in a classroom without causing a disruption.

Classroom observation that is non-disruptive to the instructional environment enables student support services to gather authentic data.

Video used for observation results in more effective and constructive discussions with a coach, mentor, or administrator.

Solve classroom incidents quickly and easily with video review. No more “he said, she said.” Minimize the frequency of costly legal investigations.

Self reflection.

New ways to see.

Teachers want to do their best for their students. Watching themselves on video provides a new opportunity for self-reflection and goal setting on their journey to becoming the best teacher they can be.

The reflection that I did myself, when I videoed, offered me more opportunity for growth than anything an outsider could do for me.

Kate, Student Teacher (NC)

My virtual coach said, ‘You could try this, I noticed this, and this worked for me,’ and then I didn’t have to go into another teacher’s classroom hoping that I might see the answer to my problem—I had a specific behavior or task that I could change immediately.

Darren, Middle School Teacher (GA)

The most effective evaluation we get is from someone who teaches our subject; only a peer is going to give that.

Halley, Elementary School Teacher (AL)

Powerful. Simple.


Classroom video made easy.