Traditional Classroom

Teachers use Kloud-12’s easy browser-based application to meet a variety of their classroom recording needs. Collecting student behavioral data, creating self reflection routines to improve classroom practices, and recording instructional content for asynchronous learning, recording to harness the power of administration, coach, or peer feedback. With the use of video, teachers can quickly solve “he said, she said” situations without hours of time and investigation. Visible evidence is powerful across the board for growth and improvement.

Hybrid Learning

Kloud-12’s newest feature is perfect for hybrid and distance learning. Through the virtual webcam feature, students view real time instruction from the classroom while teachers simultaneously record for the ability to share, review, or reflect. The best of both worlds! The recorded video is readily available to share with students who may have missed the lesson without any additional strain for the teacher. This new feature (livestream and record simultaneously) doesn’t require them to set up equipment or record the content more than once to post to their classroom page for at-home students.

Shared Classroom

Kloud-12 is great in co-teaching spaces. One device without the need to move or add additional equipment! Each co-teacher has the ability to record on-demand based upon their instructional schedule. The primary classroom teacher has the ability to add other teachers to their Kloud-12 MoreView camera and individually they are able to schedule and record the footage applicable to them.

Pod Teaching

Do your teachers move from room to room instead of the students? Kloud-12 has the ability to handle this without any extra strain on the teachers. With the easy to use recurring recordings schedule feature, teachers can be sure that no matter what room they are in, their class is recording.

Self-Contained Special Ed Classrooms

Kloud-12 brings great value to support teachers and students in special needs environments. Classroom recordings allow teachers to gather data and anecdotal records to assist in student support services. Because Kloud-12 minimizes disruptions, recordings give an accurate view into the classroom. Teachers use Kloud-12 to monitor student progress toward behavior/instructional goals by viewing videos recorded throughout the year and to improve their teaching practices.

Video Libraries

Release the power of your best teachers through the video libraries. Kloud-12 automates the recording process for teachers which leaves them sitting on a gold mine of video content without a huge strain on their time. Teachers schedule recurring or one-time recordings and use the built-in easy video editor to trim, cut, and extract to make relevant instructional videos! Individual teachers, grade levels, and even district personnel can be involved in the creation of best practice libraries. Video has been shown to be one of the better methods to allow for asynchronous learning; a welcome helping hand for parents with students who need assistance. On-demand lessons allow students to work at their own pace, and they can pause, practice, and rewind as needed


Using Kloud-12, teachers can share their live camera view with a coach, peer, or administrator for the most authentic, non-disruptive observations. Teachers can use recorded content to support yearly observations or for peer feedback. Whether it’s a lesson that went amazingly well or a class that a teacher needs some additional support with, sharing recordings or their live view for feedback is as easy as clicking share. Teachers and evaluators have an accessible and accurate view of performance leading to more actionable feedback

Teacher Collaboration

Teachers work incredibly hard on their lessons, and when one goes well, why not share it! Kloud-12 makes the recording and sharing process easy. New teachers can use video lessons from master educators or departments can collaborate to learn best practices. Teachers supporting teachers. Powerful!

Multi-purpose Rooms

When large class sizes meet, such as Gym/Band/Chorus, it is a source of excitement for students. But with large classes and movement it can also be a source of behavioral problems and bullying. Recordings help solve incidents quickly and easily. Now teachers really can have eyes in the back of their head. Using video is one the best ways to coach students’ skill and technique! Kloud-12 gives teachers the visible evidence to show learners what they actually do and be coached on how to adjust. Visible evidence is key to learning.

Increase teacher effectiveness.

Classroom video technology has a positive impact on student learning.